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Easy to Start

Registration is simple and times are available to meet your needs. Feel free to call to find out to discuss your needs or fill out the form on our contact page and we will be in touch soon. Click on the grey "Ask a Question" button or call (863) 512-1194 today.

Forum Support

Support for All

We specialize in supporting students of all ages who have learning challenges, tough classes, or a need to learn better study skills. Learners with any type of disability are welcome! Everyone deserves the best support possible. 

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Individual Learning Plans

Instruction is highly student specific, topics covered include most academic areas, test preparation, study skills, and other special topics as needed. Ongoing assessment and collaboration ensure that every session is highly productive.

Welcome to PARITY

PARITY provides wide range of academic and consultative services. We provide direct academic, study, and life-skills related tutoring to learners of any age. We provide consultation services to families and schools who needs advice and guidance on how to ensure the best possible post-school outcomes for school-aged children and young adults.

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